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Calzado Teatral Miguelito was founded in 1940 by Ma. De Luz Serrano and Miguel Alvarez in Mexico City. Where we initiated producing only the traditional ballet shoes.


Over the years, Miguelito’s went on to develop another line of footwear, to satisfy the need of an increasing demand for new products in different areas with specific products such as

Mexican folklore, flamenco, folklore among other cultural traditions in the

dance community, which are an important segment of the diverse cultural

group in Mexico City.


Creating and developing, such a large and diverse line of products required

a lot of effort and dedication by the founder. This fact leads the company to

become one of the largest manufacturers in Mexico in the last 67 years.


Tradition and excellence has always been the philosophy of Miguelito’s

which has allowed the company to continue satisfying the needs of the

dancing community.


Miguelito’s in always looking for ways to improve their products and develop

new ones to satisfy the growing needs of a new and demanding dancer, in

this very complex area of the dance community. That is why we make a strong

effort and commitment invest in the future.


Miguelito’s invested in the development of a new line of ballet shoe. One of

the unique characteristics in a unisole. Split sole has become obsolete for us.

A unisole gives a dancer a better line and comfort during their performance in dancing classes and on stage. In this particular design we also invested in quality, durability and craftsmanship.


We expect a very strong demand with this particular product, which will surely become the standards in which others will follow.


Miguelito’s has grown over the past 75 years as a company. We started with a few workers and now manufacture over 400 products a day. We also distribute a diverse line of dance footwear from other leading manufacturers, form different counties.


Miguelito’s also has specialized stores in different states in Mexico and the U.S. Also caters to specialized markets, and work with custom made shoes, for specific demands.


Today Miguelito’s in one the main exporting companies of dancing footwear, and worries to follow quality standards to provide excellent products worldwide.

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